An abnormally large male genital piece.
My friend's facade knocked a girl out.
by Medax July 10, 2008
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fake illusion or appereance, superficial
Knowing being in debt, John managed to maintain a facade of wealth
by Eve S. August 30, 2006
A specialty; something someone is, or one could be, very good/skilled at. It can be used to replace the word "thing" when deemed acceptable by the user.

(origin- began slang use by THE iZzy)
person 1:"Kip why don't you play baseball."
Kip: "It's just not my facade ."

friend 1: "Dude, you are so good at that."
dude: "Yeah I know, it's my facade ."
by iZzy Zainea January 15, 2009

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