F-A i'ma let these TECs spray, B-O hope ya vests be low, L-O you can run and tell po's, U-S you fuckin wit tha roughest
by L-Burna May 22, 2003
da greatest rapper eva n ma husband fo life!
Fab is from Brooklyn

"n im from b-stuy juss like b-i...
g was dass how f-a-b does..."
by FaBzWifFeyY February 10, 2005
A man who skipped spelling classes when he was younger, and proudly shows it in his 'raps.'
im am fabouliys so u can suk my dic
someone who likes to have other people interact with his "kids".
"Whoops, there go my kids all over your face."
by David Cho February 12, 2005
1. A rapper signed to So-So Def. Him being the hardest rapper, you got to be fucking kidding me.

The people posting that Fabolous is the best rapper or hardest rapper must either be some mainstreamers, Black females with fetishes for "thuggish guys", or hoodrats. Fabolous is a mainstream hip-hop musician with a complex about Black women, therefore only puts Hispanic women in his videos with the attitude that Black women are unattractive or not marketable. His music...just sucks. His fame...is questionable.
However, he's making more money than me for what? Being more marketable than talented. How unfair America is.
I shot Fabolous in the head for making the song "You Make Me Better". So all the hoodrats went to his funeral, hysterical in tears, and threw their bras and ponytail weaves in his casket.
by twistedbabydoll September 18, 2007
a term used to define a fine group of young men in stockton, ca.
"da-da-damn, look at them fabolous cats right there!"
by iAm fOe sHo June 16, 2003

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