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Flirt Alert - To Flirt
oh My god.. stop FA.. we are supposed to be friends..
by Slowy August 17, 2012
7 10
Farmtown Anonymous
-People who logon to facebook just to play the game farmtown. Hence, they are addicted to the game and need to enroll into farmtown anonymous! You can even google-image farmtown farms and it will bring up images of people's farms.
Rob: Hey man, last night I bought a barn, do you think I should breed horses or llamas?

Bryan: Hmm, I don't know man llama's are kind of expensive. I mean you don't want to go broke.

Rob: Yeah you're right, I'll breed horses instead. How's you farm? I seen you bumped up to level 31, I'm trying to bump up to 30 but it takes forever. I don't know what to do.

Bryan: Yeah I know I go and work on other people's farm and then I buy a lot of crap that costs a lot and you always get experience points from that.

Katie: Are you guys seriously talking about farmtown?

Rob: Uh yeah, why?

Katie: Everytime I see you guys or walk into your office you are either playing farmtown or talking about it. You should really think about enrolling into F.A., because you guys are addicted! Get a life!
by SMP07 November 11, 2009
4 7
F.A.S means "fancy a shag"
hey hun f.a.s later on
by Lightning Rose January 07, 2009
0 4
A fat ass. Especially when the subject used to be average sized and has recently 'plumped up'.
Girl - "Hey hows your friend Mike doing, are you still dating?"
Other Girl - "Um... no, he's a total F.A. now. "
by Emo Enthusiast December 06, 2008
1 5
Abbreviation used to refer to Fur Affinity, a site dedicated to furry art.
Hey, do you have an account on FA?
by BlackF May 19, 2008
46 50
F.A.S stands for Fat Arses of Society. People will huge arses, mostly bigger than the rest of their body.
Miss Rose knew one day she would become president of the F.A.S, because everyone knew she was the biggest!.. "Wow maybe i should go shake this on the dance floor"
by Reaper the Grim September 12, 2006
6 11
Facebook Annonymous.

Those who are addicted to facebook and need rehabilitation.
Wow, you're status' suggest you need some FA sessions; I mean they're updated every 2 minutes.
by jm10 December 21, 2009
16 24