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An alcoholic drink one needs to get going in the morning.
"Todd is an alcoholic. He has an eye opener every day just after waking up."
by talley June 07, 2006
53 12

1. A real suprise

2. A drink of liquor taken upon awakening

3. Anything that enforms or enlightens one
Listening to his lecture was an eye-opener.
by Light Joker October 02, 2005
14 1
What you call an alcoholic drink that you have soon after you wake up.
I knew the day was going to be a rough one, so I pulled out an eyeopener after breakfast.
by Dan Cheese May 13, 2005
11 2
Doing a one and one of coke. Usually refers to the first one and one or when done upon waking up.
Yo, I can't get going this morning, I can sure use me an eye opener
by Blue Eyed Soul Brother December 09, 2010
3 2
A drink consumed whilst on route to a club or bar.
"The other's have gone ahead to the bar, so let's just nip in here for an eye opener".
by BGMH October 09, 2011
1 4
1. An alcoholic beverage consumed in the morning.

2. The specific act of receiving a blow job and a Bloody Mary to start off a football Saturday in the fall.
I used to dread morning kickoffs, but now I look forward to a nice eye opener from the missus to get me going.
by Putting the Cock in Cocktail October 21, 2010
1 5
When you are fucking a girl in any way but you pull out and nut in her eyes.
Cumming all over her face sure was an eye opening experience!
by Blue Meanie February 13, 2003
3 39