A battleground in World of Warcraft introduced in The Burning Crusade expansion, which is supposed to be a cross between Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, with both objectives that give a flow of points and a flag that can be captured for extra. It was probably supposed to be a faster paced and fun battleground, but more often than not it ends up as a flag humping contest, with people ignoring the objectives and mindlessly running to the flag, which results in bullshit and defest.
*Eye of the Storm match begins* "OK guys, let's get the towers." "THE FLAAAAAAAG!" "NO! First you get the damn towers, then you get the goddamn flag!" "STFU NOOB ME WANT SHINY FLAG!!!!!111" "They've got all four bases you idiot! Now where the fuck are you going to deliver the flag?!" "uh... STFU NOOB U SUCK!!!!! I R TEH IMBAZOR LOL!!!!!!" "Well, we've lost... AGAIN! Thanks a lot fucktards! Seriously, what's with that fucking flag fetish?!"
by Elyseon May 10, 2008
Top Definition
A period of time during a storm when things are calm.
However, this doesn't mean it's over. Things just get worse.
Can be literal or figurative
"Well, that was only the eye of the storm. It's not over yet. Things are bound to get worse." (Figurative)
by Fembotfatale October 21, 2006
After a fucking a girl really hard until she finishes, fuck very slow for a minute as if you also finished, and then out of no where rail the shit out of her again. Liek a hurricane it is really rough at first then calm and really rough again before it is over.
Guy 1: Did you eye of the storm her last night?
Guy 2: Oh hell yeah I fucked her twice as hard than the night before.
by Sirhc42069 November 22, 2006
When you've just taken a deuce, and you stand up to leave the stall, your personal throne, or the porta-john behind your redneck cousin's house, and everything seems fine. Then, of course, the eye passes and everything isn't fine. So, you rush back in again.
"Hahaha! Hey Bob, got the runs huh?"

"Very funny, Steve. Must've just been the eye of the storm."
by ColWal July 04, 2012
The beginings of a bald spot on the top of a mans head when viewd from above. The hair remaining next to the bald spot will circle around, making the spot look like the eye of a storm.
by andygforizzy June 14, 2011
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