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cba, of course, is the popular abreviation that is used throughout the english speaking world.

The term, major cba, places greater emphasis of how unmotivated an individual may feel.
YTV post room employee: Kendy, its 3pm, why you asleep on the couch??

Kendy: major cba.
by Beester May 15, 2009
A person partaking in actions worthy of praise from fellow peers.
Sick Guy behaviour includes:
Chris Man walking into a restaurant in a hoodie and trackies and aksing everyone for a "touch".
Heppell purchasing a car from YES! car credit.
Darrell bedding a stani.
Patson getting tossed off on the dancefloor.
Beester dancing.
by Beester January 18, 2006
A word of geordie origin. Has a variety of meanings, these include,

To be happy with proceedings (I have dealt)

To be especially pleased with something (proper dealt)

A random word to say during awkward moments of silence (dealt!)

To ask someone if they are well (are you deeeealt?)

An offensive put-down (Are ya dealt being a cunt?)

Again as with most 'lads phrases', the word can be pronounced in a high or low pitched manner.

Certain followers of a lower league team choose to use the similar sounding word 'delph' refering to an over-rated youngster, who most propably won't be playing for them next season.

Similar to the word, ussss.
woody: proper dealt like.

Yeppell: o'neills have a half price sale on shorts, dealt!

Kendy: When I nicked her bag and took it to the toilets, i found 100 euros, dealt!
by Beester May 15, 2009
Displaying the characteristics of the famous professional gambler from Alwoodley, who goes by the name of "Yeppell".
Examples of Yeppellish behaviour includes:
- Using any special occasion as an excuse to wear a suit (preferably white) and hire out a limo
- Drinking champagne
- Driving a silver 206
- Wearing shades
- Clubbing attire consisting of white loafers and a shirt with only 2 buttons done up
- Being obsessed with "birds and stuff"
- Listening to cheesy dance tunes e.g. bodyrockers
- Owning fcuk garments
- Having one pint then going onto the smirnoff ices
- Regularly perusing markets
- Getting into debt
- Refusing to get a job other than for YTV/Steve
- Purchasing stuff thats sold out in leeds and can only be obtained in catalogues e.g. Timberland boots, Klaus Kobec watch (rrp £900)
- Haggling down the price of a taxi home from £12 to £10 - "we can get it cheaper"
by Beester August 13, 2006
A sound made to display a positive outlook on proceedings.
Heppell: yeah, went to the bookies today and put £50 on knot in wood at redcar, usssssssssss.

Kendy: just found £20 ussssss!

by Beester April 28, 2008
Someone or something:
*bending the truth.
*taking the piss.
*spreading rumours about close friends.

Chattin shit is usually a hereditory desease that is often brought on by the chatters own descretion. If this is a common thing, then it is known as a chattin disorder. A chattin signal with the hand can also be delivered at the same time. "Self chat" occurs when a person chats shit about themselves, usually purposely.
Examples of chattin shit include:
Heppell reckoning timberlands are all sold out in leeds.
Shagging Fat birds.
Sexual deviances on the dance floor.
Urban Dictionary taking 14 weeks to check a submission.
Heppell: "lets go in this bar, its open till 2".
Basically Yeppell in general.
Rich moving to birmingham for the same job.
Steve chat.
Northy: "I just had sex outside amnesia!"
Northy: "I pulled 15 girls tonight"
Swampy: "They're not your friends, they're OUR friends"
Rich: "Here have our chips, you're crazy guys!"
Rich: "I'm gona buy clothes in ibiza, theyre cheaper"
by Beester January 18, 2006
Originally used by stoners, but now has become popularised to refer to all occasions when an individual requires a hefty intake of food.

This feeling usually occurs upon leaving a club in the 3am-6am time bracket, and especially when suffering a hangover.

When in this state, the usual solution is to phone/visit a take-away, with popular examples including sultans, dixy and big bite.

The foods consumed are certainly not part of a stable diet, such as your usual pizzas and kebabs, however certain cases have been reported to include excessive amounts of big macs and bargain buckets.
Griff: Kendy, are we ording a rajas? I got munch to fuck! I want a burger, but without the burger and stuff, just the bread bap, oh and a chocolate cake!

Kendy: When you picking me up to goto slip's deli, i got munch to fuck.

Gayshall: I'm off to mcdonalds with my vouchers to get 4 big macs.

Nick Moore: Sak you lot, I'm off for a bargain bucket!
by Beester May 16, 2009

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