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When 2 people go to a cemetery and dig up a freshly buried corpse(preferably a women) and one person jumps into the hole and puts there mouth on the genitals. While the persons mouth remains on the genitals, the other person jumps on to the stomach of the corpse. Leaving the person to eat, whatever winds up in his or her mouth.
this chick and her friend went "mung rousing" and she totally ate over due liver.
by Pedrok January 20, 2008
Going "Eye To Eye" with someone is the act of two or more people spreading the cheeks of their butts and rubbing their anus' together causing rectal friction.
Yooo Becky, me and my bottom bitch was wondering if you and Tyrone wanted to go "eye to eye"
by Pedrok December 21, 2009

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