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a kick ass hair band featuring old, fat, balding men in their early 40's. They usually appear in ripped denim shorts, tank tops or belly shirts, and cowboy boots. Their vocals suck, but they look good. Formally in such bands as Silver Mullet and Piledriver. It is a supergroup that was formed when the high profile stars of Silver Mullet and Piledriver both broke up in the late 1990's. Featuring hit singles such as, Friends Forever, Don't Throw Stones, Gimme Back my mullets, Look at us we're eye candy, take a picture and stop staring, and there #1 single Mackin on girls down at Rizzo's saloon
I would do anything for two tickets to the Eye Candy concert, and I mean anything
by captain poopypants November 29, 2004
11 111
Something purely aesthetically pleasing, that is, pleasing to the senses. Can be a person, a film, a sunset, a flower, or anything else you can see.
God, look at that, its eye candy.
by bonnie August 09, 2004
901 172
someone you find attractive
when i was walking the mall i scoped out some nice eye candy
by stoph March 01, 2004
563 171
Women that are HOT and you can't take you eyes off of them. Like a kid in a candy store.
I was at the beach yesterday and there was a lot of eye candy there.
by Anonymous July 25, 2002
520 259
A person who is pleasing to look at.
Laura, the girl on that TV show, is my eye-candy every Wednesday night.
by Fleurdelaterre99 August 27, 2006
175 49
Something that is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Something that you just can't stop staring at.
I only watch football for the eye candy.
by MadMadMadx July 10, 2008
279 166
Something that is nice to look at.
Candy for the eye.
Man that car is some serious eyecandy
by That person you know June 21, 2006
104 36
a person that that is so appealing to look at;sweet to look at;sexy; A very attractive male or female.
"Halle Berry is fine, she's definately Eye candy"
by Ph!llyD!va April 22, 2010
103 73