To think that the male/female is attractive, but often used for strangers or a person you wouldn't necessarily want to be with, but is pleasing to look at.
Dani: Did you have fun at the Beach?

Raquel: definitely, lots of eye candy!!
by caught-you-a-dollar March 16, 2014
"quod vissum placet" or "that which pleases upon sight" (Thomas Aquinas)
K is eye candy
by mialva December 25, 2009
Something that is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Something that you just can't stop staring at.
I only watch football for the eye candy.
by MadMadMadx July 10, 2008
n. Crust or gook that forms in the eye area resulting from sleep or other means (refer to other definitions available).
Try some of my eye candy. I made it myself....literally.
by macattack December 29, 2013
Person of outstanding beauty. Men want to be them, women want to be with them
Dam that Paul Kehoe (Pek)and Tom Shannon are Eye Candy
by PabloSkillondinho June 21, 2011
A super hot female hottie that is very pleasing to the eye. A babe. A very attractive female.
I went clubbing and hooked up very sexy eye candy. Yeah!
by Mikey_Hideki May 21, 2007
Eye Candy: A very attractive male or female, normally not wearing any/much clothing.
Look at the eye candy over there!
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004

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