Someone who does not posses the ability to think for themselves, but rater think for a group. Any group. Someone who must say everything they think of out loud to other people, rather than processing that idea to themselves and making it better. Someone to whom the less someone talks, the stupider they are. Someone who possesses the ability to appear more fit for leadership positions than introverts, while in reality it has been proven in many studies that the opposite it true. Someone who has great sympathy for other people, but no empathy. The parents of groupthink.
Ah man, I wish I had gotten that promotion. Just because I'm not outgoing doesn't mean I can't lead. Why must extroverts be so god damn ignorant about the way other people think?!
by Dr. Meh August 19, 2012
Top Definition
Assholes who doesn't know when to shut their goddamn mouth. Sadly they make up most of the population on Earth.
I'm glad I'm not a rambling idiotic extrovert.
by IDunKnow January 21, 2007
Someone who recharges their energy from being around people. Doesn't mind being alone, but prefers the company of others as it makes them excited. Doesn't mean that they are good with people or happy all of the time, but that other people's company is important to them.
Extrovert: "Hey, I had a really bad day, do you want to grab coffee or something and just hang out?"
Introvert: "Sure, I'm feeling good because I took last night for my introvert time and can hang."
by An Extrovert February 22, 2014
1. A person who gets drunk, has sex, and goes to parties ALL THE TIME.

2. A person who is rude, loud, obnoxious, aggressive, and brutish.

3. A person who completely and totally loses their sense of self when they're alone for even a minute.

4. A person who has no mind, and rarely thinks about anything other than when his next group encounter will occur.

5. A person who hates you and think's you're inferior for not being just like them.

6. A person who has NO idea how his actions affect others. And if he does, he doesn't care.

7. Useless hunk of flesh whose only purpose is to take up valuble space. A plague upon any society. The world would be much more peaceful and serene without them.
The drunken partygoers in any college are all extroverts. These people will most likely end up working dead end factory jobs while the smart, hard working introverts will end up making 6 digits a year.
by PiccoloNamek September 01, 2004
Someone who can't mind their own fuckin business!!
You know who i mean
by an introvert March 10, 2004
A pseudonym for "hypocritical, oversexed jocks who pick on shy people just because they're different".
Extroverted People= The Scum of the Earth
by The above statement is true. September 21, 2007
A highly overconfident, outgoing and outrageous person who enjoys singing the song Macho-Man from the Village People by being gay and merry one minute and violent and hysterical the next. Their "LAW OF THE LOUT", "LOUD AND THE PROUD", "MIGHT IS RIGHT" and their "LARGE AND IN CHARGE" mindset have long been regarded as the principal reason into why the Jerry Springer Show stayed on air for two decades. These obnoxious attention seeking show-ponies can usually to be found dwelling in various watering holes, cafes, pubs or other social gatherings desperately looking around for fights or other peoples attention and approval.
You can thank the extrovert for inspiring the movies "Idiocracy" and "Once Were Warriors".
by _Octavia_ July 25, 2013
Simply, a person who is more concerned with the outer world and having a social life. An outgoing person. Antonymous to an introvert.

Stereotyped by being a partygoer, belonging to a fraternity, and being irresponsible. These stereotypical traits do not apply to all extroverts.
Jamie is quite the extrovert, she loves to be around people, she has so many friends!
by Arcane_ December 16, 2014
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