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The most epic story ever! The Iliad means "A poem about Illium(troy)". It was sung by the legendary greek poet, Homer. It was crafted in dectylic hexameter, would have been performed to the music of the lyre. The Illiad has it all, love, hate, trust, betrayal, sex, chastity, mercy, wrath, gentleness, and violence. It truly is everything you could want from a story(except brevity) wrapped up into one package.
The Iliad is all around great! I hope they make an anime about it.
by INTP July 25, 2009
A guy with blond hair who is intelligent. He often does mental feats which other people find astounding.
I am a smart blond: I am taking an AP world hsitory class in 10'th grade with a B average. I am taking latin 3 with an A average. I am taking english with an A average. I am reading Chaucer in middle english for fun. I am an INTP by MBTI typing.
by INTP April 19, 2009
The majority of humans. The cause of many introvert problems. The people who are less likely to suffer from chronic lonelyness. People who are too happy.
75% of people are exttroverts.

Problems introverts get from extroverts.

Damnit, I thought I was getting close to that girl, but she has a frickin extrovert boyfriend! Now I have to go watch E-7 and listen to sad music. Why does no one want me? Am I the only one who has to sit here in sadnes while everyone else has the time of their lives?


Extroverts, how the hell are they so happy all the time?
by INTP November 23, 2008
King of Leon is an overrated, overplayed band of wannabe players. They come up with songs like sex on fire, and use somebody.
Tavis: This is Travis Bagwell on DC 101. Now giving you Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon.
*Immediately wishes there to be a loaded gun in the car. doesn't find gun and despairs for the next 3.5 minutes listening to: Yeah-oh... This sex is on fire!*
by INTP April 20, 2009

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