Simply, a person who is more concerned with the outer world and having a social life. An outgoing person. Antonymous to an introvert.

Stereotyped by being a partygoer, belonging to a fraternity, and being irresponsible. These stereotypical traits do not apply to all extroverts.
Jamie is quite the extrovert, she loves to be around people, she has so many friends!
by Arcane_ December 16, 2014
Someone who does not posses the ability to think for themselves, but rater think for a group. Any group. Someone who must say everything they think of out loud to other people, rather than processing that idea to themselves and making it better. Someone to whom the less someone talks, the stupider they are. Someone who possesses the ability to appear more fit for leadership positions than introverts, while in reality it has been proven in many studies that the opposite it true. Someone who has great sympathy for other people, but no empathy. The parents of groupthink.
Ah man, I wish I had gotten that promotion. Just because I'm not outgoing doesn't mean I can't lead. Why must extroverts be so god damn ignorant about the way other people think?!
by Dr. Meh August 19, 2012
The majority of humans. The cause of many introvert problems. The people who are less likely to suffer from chronic lonelyness. People who are too happy.
75% of people are exttroverts.

Problems introverts get from extroverts.

Damnit, I thought I was getting close to that girl, but she has a frickin extrovert boyfriend! Now I have to go watch E-7 and listen to sad music. Why does no one want me? Am I the only one who has to sit here in sadnes while everyone else has the time of their lives?


Extroverts, how the hell are they so happy all the time?
by INTP November 23, 2008
Someone who is assertive, and likes interacting with lots of people. Interested in seeking out excitement. Upbeat people.
Has lots of friends, and is usually happy. The minority of the population, however.
I am an introvert with extrovert friends.
by Introvert!!! April 12, 2011
Not a knob, dickhead or wanker as the other posters would have you suggest. Someone who introverts wish they could be, someone outgoing, friendly, unpretentious. No matter how hard introverts try to seem interesting, it is the extrovert who is much more interesting.
Adam is an extrovert
"Oh, must be quite a nice person"
by Andy45e2 May 29, 2013
French for 'bright green'.
Mon petits pois sont extrovert, non?
by bigwiener March 11, 2003

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