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The art of masturbating till near climax. Whereabouts you shout: "Hey mum come here a minute!". You then have the time it take till you mum arrives to finish jacking off and get cleaned up.
by Alex and Rob February 18, 2003
This is when you masturbate in an unusual way.
You could be upside down at the time, using two elbows, your feet, sports equipment or rolling pins.
The purpose of extreme wanking is to spice up your wank life
Extreme Wanking example

The Andre Agassi : Double back hander

1. Assume a seated position
2. Point your legs to the heavens.
3. Put your hands underneath your legs.
4. Put both hands around your penis.
5. Enjoy!
by G-spot and McScrote May 10, 2007
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