when you order pizza and want large and medium
"I want an extra medium pizza dude"
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by ssjfkdhfgkjhkjwh November 12, 2011
not a small and not a large but the in between sixe known as extra medium
Tim is selling his Alex Smith 49ers jersey on craigslist. It says small, but it's more like Extra Medium.
#extra medium #extra #sizing #med #median size
by beyonceeee May 11, 2010
A description indicating a state of surpassing mediocrity. A condition lacking simultaneously redeeming and detrimental qualities; thus, being remarkably mediocre.
Breakfast at Patty's Eggnest was extra medium.
#extra #medium #mediocre #average #unremarkable
by Quackery April 08, 2007
The nonexistent size for an article of clothing which inept teachers name in a school-wide poll. This term is particularly popular among physics teachers that lack English as a second language (LESL).
"I is size extra medium," Oksana said.
by Shinichi Kudou September 21, 2005
A paradoxical soda size that has been theorized but not yet created. It's creator, Brian Regan, uses it to throw McDonald's employees for a loop.

1. extra medium (noun) - a medium soda "extra'd"
2. extra medium (adj) - something that is better than average
1. HHHuuuuuuhhh, I dunno, uh, he said he wanted EXTRA medium, and I'm lookin at the mediums... I donno how to extra it!

2. Dude, that is above average, no... EXTRA medium.
by MTM September 03, 2004
A non-existant size of soft drink invented by comedian brian regan. Fun to demand of fast food restaraunt employees
"I'll get the extra medium" "(employee to boss, in whispers) I see medium, but I don't know how to extra it!"
by Mike W. August 07, 2004
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