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See UCLA rejection

A Trojan is a USC student. They believe that spending 30k for their 3.0 is better then a "cheap" state school which out ranks them in every ranking, including alumni that on average make much more then a USC grad. USC is full of whores filled to the brim with STDs and some not even discovered yet! A typical USC student is a snob whose dad paid for them to go through an expensive private school and fail out, thus being rejected from every other credible school and having no other choice but to pay 30k a year for a piss poor degree. USC is also home to famous rapists and murders. If you're a girl at a USC frat party chances are 9/10 that you will be date raped by a trojan.
Company: Where is your degree from?


Company: Sorry we only want hard working individuals, might I suggest that you work for your dad.
by bruin December 01, 2004
(Also ex-mormon)

A baptized member of the morg who no longer believes in the doctrines of the Mormon church.

Exmormons may officially resign from the church's roles, simply stop attending, or may even continue to attend church services to hide their disbelief from family and friends.

Revealing disbelief in Mormon doctrines, or that one no longer belongs to the Mormon church, often leads to ostracization and demonization by Mormon friends and family members. Several support and friend communities exist for exmormons.
Jerry hasn't heard from his father much since he became an exmormon.
by bruin October 11, 2004

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