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An ex-girlfriend that was kept around only for sex.
Dave's ex-box was smokin hot, but she was such a total bitch.
by Baba Ghanoush September 03, 2006
A former girlfriend or hookup's vagina aka box that you used to play with but got tired of or it became obsolete due to various reasons.
Dane: Brandon was playing with his exbox last night.

Dad: I thought you got rid of that thing?

Brandon: I did but I was drunk and decided to plug it in and play it again.

See also: Penalty Box
by thekid2009 January 23, 2009
A box that contains the saved items of past girlfriends, i.e cards or anything they have given you that reminds you of them with the intent of going through it at later date to remember them.
Dude my girlfriend found my ex box in my closet; needless to say her stuff is now in it
by Federal Q August 27, 2009
ex Box -- a former girlfriend, lover or woman with whom you you no longer have sex.
Yo, Jeremy, Jojo is looking good.

Dawg, don't matter to me. She's my eX Box. I am with Kiki now.
by TooSick4U April 25, 2007
Nickname/slang for your ex-girlfriend, ex-flame, ex-f*buddy.
Person 1- "Yo, has anyone seen Steve??"
Person 2- "I think he is hanging with his Ex-box tonight"
Person 1- "Again ?!?! For f*ck sake..."
by awalsh March 21, 2011
Typically referring to an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife (and her lady parts), now also refers to an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband who was an XBox addict.
I'm so glad ExBox moved out. Now I don't have to hear his gaming noise anymore. No shouting at other players who camped him, no more pounding on the desk that's breaking because of his XBox rage problem, and no more zombie or warfare noises coming from the next room giving me nightmares. Now he is free to start his dream of becoming a professional poker player based on his vast success playing with fake money against soccer moms. B'Bye ExBox!!! Hello Peace!
by TryingToBeAGrownUp September 11, 2009
(n) Your ex-girlfriend's vaginia.
Guy1: Hey bro, can I play with your exbox?
Guy2: Sure why not. That shit is whack, I couldn't play Madden on it.
by Mad Sclupu May 31, 2007
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