Some random shit I defined it as: What you say if you didn't want to hear something or see something as if to "ex" or slash or erase it from one's memory.

(n.) A former boyfriend or girlfriend.

(n.) A former anything.
*see picture of naked grandma* EX!!

Nadia: I love you, but I think we should spend sometime apart for a change.
Mike: EX!!

Genghis Khan was an ex-ruler of Mongolia and much of Asia.
by papermachete October 27, 2005
The action of killing someone.
I wanna ex his ass so bad.
by James M. May 07, 2006
pornography shorthand. refers to content with exhibitionism.
Sex in public? Total EX!
by lemonlime December 08, 2004
what me and calillo will do some time
andrew: suicide NOW
calillo: mother...
andrew: fine...how bout some ex?
calillo: oh cool, that's better than grabbing the ped
by turtle May 20, 2004

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