To explode without warning. To cum or leak bodily fluids without acknowledging or expressing to an individual of the events about to occur.
Did you EWW on her face last night?
by Timothy Goodman October 22, 2008
when something is gross to the point of vomiting
ewwww that bitch has a big FUPA and a camel toe
by A. Gore May 19, 2004
When a girl gets owned, all she can say is eww.
girl: i'm gunna hang up if you don't tell me
guy: ahaaaa! fine, if you're gunna hang up over that...bye.
girl: ...eww

(this is based on a real life situation, see the attached sound to this definition)
by DiZASTiX December 30, 2005
The vocative form of the irregular noun spew.
Eww-this sight and this smell send my viscera a'jumpin.

by TheBobRoss July 21, 2008
to be amazing...used in description of a noun

eww dude, that shirt is raw or Someone says, "im going to the world series" reply: "eww dude thats nasty"
by Ezekial McHunterstein April 24, 2008
Said when someone playing a sport does something particularly impressive; somewhat synonymous with "nasty" or "off the hook."

Always said by itself, never in a sentence.
"Eww" -after a Michael Jordan reverse layup, for example.
by Benjamin Watanabe November 25, 2003
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