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someone who is GODDAMN AWESOME DEFINITELY A KOOL KAT. awesome singer / gtarist.
girl one: omg there is ewen lets have sex with him

girl two: OK!!!!

pet dog: wooF!
by scruffyruin May 27, 2011
1. Of or displaying a general lack of conscientiousness
2. To show little and / or poor judgement
3. A general state of malaise not unlike a hangover brought on by a largely forgotten night of severe drinking.
"I think Dave might get fired, he's been acting really ewen lately."

"Dude, I think I had about 20 shots of Jameson last night, I'm totally ewen right now."
by mquestb April 01, 2008
Deposed chief ladyboy of mulletts.

Often known as 'gimp spit' or more simply 'gimp'.

Has a fondness for monkeys and small hairy boys
'Put yer monkey away, i can smell Ewen coming...'
by Daddy April 22, 2004
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