EW = Each-way, Term used in gambling.
An EW consists of two bets on one selection in one event. The first bet is on the selection to win and the second bet is on the selection to finish in the allotted placings i.e. second, third etc. The place terms will vary depending on the event and the place part of the bet is settled at the relevant place odds. For example, if the place terms for a race are the first three at a fifth of the odds and your selection finishes second or third, you will receive only a fifth of the full odds times your stake money as a return. A £1 each-way single has a total stake of £2.

by Maudley December 30, 2005
often confused with eww which means like yuck, but ew means extra weird.
Johnnie is e.w (extra weird)
Johnnie is ew.
by walalala. September 06, 2010
a universal term to describe something that is hard to look at and/or grotesque in nature

in all accordences it shall however not be use as a direct term to describe the great human being that is Brad
man that kid is EW.... well he wouldnt be if his name was Brad
by ooblegorfin April 24, 2007
Exquisitely Wonderful.
Matt: "Did you see Tamara's Instagram post?"
Mark: "Hell yeah bro, that girl is EW as fuck!"
by Totalidiot35 July 20, 2014
Some would see this as the word ew (ditch pig), but it actually symbolizes a person who is extraordinarily perfect, and who is without a doubt a pirate. More characteristics of a person with the e.w. quality are gorgeous, squishy and boss.
Megan: Oh my gosh.. look at that boy riding the bmx bike. he is so e.w., i want him to be my pirate king
Godzuki: i see where your coming from. if i was a girl i would totally go for him.
by megalon March 20, 2008
Ew get away from me your like isha
by samayam May 28, 2014
A North-Eastern (England) term for pretty much everything. It can be used to greet, to grab attention, or to show disgust, these being only a few of its meanings.

Rather than pronounced 'Oooo' its literally pronounced 'ew', elongated, it would sound like a post 'Oh'.
Ew mate, how you doing?

Ew, I totally bucked this lass last night.

Ew no you can't say that man!
by kazxxx January 13, 2011
an exclamation--usually an interjection--that conveys surprise or disbelief; often elongated to ewwwww
"As far as friends go, you aiight."
"Ew! Whatever!"
by ell ee dee July 02, 2005

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