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abbr. for "whatever"

Used to indicate indifference to or scorn for something, such as a remark or suggestion.
j: im really sorry i hurt your feelings
J: fuckin evs
#whatever #idgas #kma #i could care less #i'm indifferent
by John J Raven October 12, 2005
One syllable. Pronouced "eh-vss". (interj.)

An Australian-based abbreviation for "whatever".

Used to indicate indifference to or scorn for something, such as a remark or suggestion.

Popularized in the US in 2006 by Australian rock artist Toby Rand.
Mom: "Sam, I've told you repeatedly not to eat in your room."
Sam: "Oh, evs, ma!"

Mick: "Dude, you totally drank the last can of Foster's!"
Jack: "Evs, man. It was my stuff anyways."
#whatever #australia #indifference #indifferent #who cares #rock star #evs #cool #fine #let go
by Lizabeth83 October 04, 2006
Short for whatever.
My boss told me I couldn't take a Sick Day unless I was sick. I was like "Dude, evs".
by Tony B. March 19, 2003
The "East Village Special". The favored haircut of the hipsters who congregate in NYC's East Village and L.E.S., as well as other parts of NY (e.g. Williamsburg, Brooklyn). It is the essential "bed-head" pseudo-70's style, matted down so as to cover the ears entirely as well as all the edges of the face, while maintaining at least one or two unnatural cowlicks on the top of the head. Basically, it is the standard-issue hipster haircut.
How does a hot girl like her go for a dumb-looking hipster with the most extreme EVS of all time???

Did you see Steve's new haircut? Total EVS. Is he turning into a hipster or something?
#evs #east village #hipster #haircut #cowlick
by JerseyJohnnyB September 22, 2008
short for 'evidently'. evs is the new obvs.
"i sexed her up. shes my girlfriend." "evs."
#evidently #obviously #obvs #evidentally #evidence.
by kickerrr October 04, 2009
EVS or "empty vagina syndrome" has two meanings attached to it

1.) When a girl is in a bitchy/pissy mood because she is sexually frusterated. Therefore no one, including her hotty best friend, can have fun at the party.

2.) When a girl is so damn slutty that she feels compelled to being bitchy/pissy when her vagina is empty.
Christy was being ridiculously annoying to me when i was out with her and her girlfriends last night, her lack of hookups as of lately must have given her EVS "empty vagina syndrome".
#empty #vagina #syndrome #evs #bitch #slut #annoying #dike
by beefcakeb December 10, 2009
an american motocross safetyy equipment company
EVS sports has been around since 1985
#evs #motocross #1985 #extreme velocity sports #evs sports
by Frey7190 October 22, 2008
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