degree of being evil
He scores 8 on the evility scale of 1 to 10
by Kimley Westlix August 30, 2011
Top Definition
n. The essence of evil, can be used in accordance with evil practices and exercies.
-This evility has got to stop!
-You have put my sleeping roommate's hand in warm water, your evlility astounds me.
by +Mode April 28, 2004
With evil intent. Looking to do harm. Not concerned with the negative outcome of ones actions.
With evility he told her that the road was safe to drive on.

You could hear the evility in his tone.
by stevestevenson February 01, 2013
One's ability to be evil.
The Emperor's evility was unparalleled.
by deathpanelist1 December 10, 2011
The quality of being evil
A: A bubble just popped in my eye

S: Fuck that bubble...hes evil
A: Yeh fuck him and his evility
by The Hubble Bubble February 11, 2013
Really really bad behaviour or scenario.
"That was just the height of evility."
by Postmodern_sophist August 21, 2005
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