skins, baccy, weed, a lighter, some roach...everything you need to roll yourself a fine smokable joint.
"Pass me everything"
by Mr Pete May 31, 2005
Short for "," a shared wiki-like database where people called noders posted scholarly articles and ebonics-inspired rants on the McFlurry. It was superseded by in 1999, but is still commonly referred to as "Everything" (or "E2.")
Everything is a community.
Everything is NOT a BBS!
I wish those friggin' admins would bring Everything back online.
by Isseki November 21, 2003
Everything is everything that exists around you. Everything includes matter and energy. Everything however didn't always exist. Before the universe existed there was literally nothing. Atheist fools like to believe that it was this nothing which created the universe but this hasn't been observed and is illogical.

What atheists refer to is the vacuum which ISN'T nothing but rather something and therefore that isn't nothing creating something. Either way, such things have not been observed and the Goldilocks properties of our universe point to a creator.

Atheism debunked with two paragraphs.
Everything around you.
#atheism #irrational #illogical #everything #quantum mechanics #theory of relativity
by RationalTruth June 18, 2012
Everything describes my wonderful fiancee. She is the greatest thing in the world; I love you Angel!
Angel, you're my everything!
by JacobV January 06, 2005
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