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A great show.
girl1:Is that show like everwood??.
girl3:Well, it sucks then
by gibberish September 26, 2003
A great show that plays on the WB every Monday at 9pm.

It's about a recently widowed man who used to be a workaholic but when his wife dies realizes that he has to raise his children he barely knows.
So he moves them from New York to a small town in Everwood, Colarado.
Here's why I love this show Ephram and Amy are so good together.

Ephram : You gotta stop doing that.
Amy : What?
Ephram : Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.
by Kat November 09, 2004
Cool show on the WB. Very deep. Everyone can relate to it.
Hey, did ya watch Everwood last night where Madison and Ephram made out? Damn, I would kill to be Madison.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
1. A show that used to air on the WB, but when the network changed to the CW, they only aired 3 episodes of the fourth season. ABC Family aired all 4 seasons once recently.
2. A show that almost anyone can relate to. It can make you cry, laugh, smile, yell, etc.
I'm so sad they cancelled Everwood. They need to bring it back.
by Apriltiffany March 18, 2007
everwood ROCKS!!!
everwood is THE coolest show EVER!!!
by Anonymous April 24, 2003
The state of my penis when I see the Emily Van Camp, who plays Amy on the television show of the same name.
Dude! I got a total everwood when Amy wore that blue bikini.
by Roger Thornhill February 20, 2005
the coolest guy in the fucking world
You are so like everwood
by the cool guy January 18, 2003
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