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Greatest Car out there!!
also stands for : Big Man's Whore
I'm just a basketball player with many many BMWs
by gibberish September 26, 2003
A great show.
girl1:Is that show like everwood??.
girl3:Well, it sucks then
by gibberish September 26, 2003
Ugly ass thing in someone's face (or somewhere else... eww).
Don''t you know there's a thing we call surgery!?
EWW. that's not sexy at all. Gross actually...
by gibberish October 01, 2003
a fairly good anime. overrated by crazy geeks who actually try to relate it to the REAL WORLD.
It get really boring at times, but it's mild interesting. Rei(name?) is a very interesting character but that's all. Not the best music either the best drawings (for that go see Cowboy Bebop kids!)
No the brightest shoe in the box are we?
by gibberish September 26, 2003
It's like a scooter. but really expensive.
cool, but... damn it costs a lot!
by gibberish September 26, 2003
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