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Avoiding something, especially in an argument.

An accusation used in debates by the childish whenever a person doesn't respond in the exact way desired.
I'm getting really tired of your constant evasion of my questions.
by entivore October 06, 2003
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If you get banned from a game, and you go on to another account while your banned. Just so you can play more.
I got banned today.

So your evading/Evasion?

by ureonmyhitlist January 21, 2010
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Avoidance of ones words, to prevent the trapping of lies.
Evasion of girlfriends questions to prevent telling little white lies
by aut April 06, 2006
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Child like temper within a person of a young adult age.
Often known to never let anything go and remain annoyed and upset for a long time over intangable objects
Your acting like evasion :/
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
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