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The only cool city north of Chicago. Has decent looking downtown and is not all uppity like the other north shore suburbs. Home of Northwestern University
"Where you from."
"I'm from the north shore."
"You from the north shore, snobbish bitch?"
"Yea, from Evanston."
"Aww, my bad. you from the only cool city noth of Chi-Town
by chicagophanatic December 09, 2006
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A really cool college town. Distinct from the rest of the North Shore, especially Kenilworth, Wilmette, Winnetka, etc., because those are rich suburbs that are riddled with Republicans. Evanston is a hip liberal town that is the closest to Chicago.
The City of Evanston is named for a man called Dr. John Evans.
I want a neighborhoodie that says Evanston on it.
by EvanstonRox December 22, 2004
Best town!
Church and Dodge...
Portifinos Pizza-1-847-475-FOOD
by Evanston November 21, 2004
awesome place, so much better than wilmette
Evanston is so fucking cool, even if some of the guys are total assholes
by hahahahah September 18, 2004
1) A city on the North Shore

2) A name for an attitude that can be adopted by someone even after you've known them for a long time. Very often happens outside of Evanston, but was named after the town because it was first observed in a person from Evanston. They tend to abandon friends suddenly for new groups. Not quite pure meanness or coldness, but somewhere in between the two. Insincerity mixed with a dash of rudeness and the ability to be effortlessly annoying is as close to summing it up as one can come.
M: Hey man, why did that girl become so... I don't know, different lately? It's not really her being cold or mean, but something in between.

H: It's insincerity, that's what it is.

M: Damn, you're exactly right.

P: It's "Evanston". Who knows how it starts, but I've seen it before in this girl from Evanston. Chicago is close enough for it to have spread.
by FreeBird February 26, 2012
Evanston: A police state rich town full of untroubled yuppies where the police are so bored they creep around at night looking for traffic ticket violations to rape poorer people with. The Evanston City Hall people are a bunch of obnoxious pricks too. DO NOT MOVE HERE if you don't want CONSTANT traffic tickets or to suffer nothing but police harassment with your car. Seriously.
Evanston, police, tickets
by Moving Out of Evanston ASAP January 18, 2011
Suburb of Chicago on the "North Shore". Home to Northwestern University (go Wildcats), large, ritzy houses and nice cars. Evanston has an expansive downtown with plenty to do (if you've got the cash). See Panera, Borders, the Gap, Starbucks (x3), Urban Outfitters, the Keg (a notorious 18+ bar), Kafein (awesome coffee shop) and NU.

Also the location of the movie "Mean Girls"
You've got a new beemer? live in Evanston.
by evanston_resident November 28, 2004

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