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An incorrect way of spelling evanescence, most generally applied by children too stupid to understand when they are gracelessly revealing their ignorance.
Original definer: Evanescance are some shitty emo band who attract dumbass teens.
Reply: Perhaps you should learn how to spell Evanescence before embarassing yourself in front of "dumbasses."
by LaDiablo April 18, 2006
63 22
A goth band with the vocals of amy lee who joined seether for the song broken. Their not a good band but not bad one. IT DOESN'T TEACH FUCKING TEENS TO CUT THEMSELVES!
evanescance was a terrible idea.
by None of your fucking business August 17, 2005
5 22
A shitty Emo band. The vocalist has a good voice, but is a whiny bitch who should do us all a favor and kill herself. Along with the band. Seriously, if we had less of these talentless depressio tenny-bopper bands, we might have less dumbass teens who cut themselves.
"That chick from Evanescance should shut the fuck up and stop being a whiny bitch."
by Metal-Head May 05, 2005
30 129