a name for a guy who has a small penis and is gay. Someone who tries to be a gangsta but really sits on his bed and plays games all day
Evan is gay
by julian ramirez March 26, 2010
Is the overall Fockin man stuntin around EU

AKA Toshiba
Evan is the shiznit

Toshiba is my best friend...he's so cool.
by EWINT September 21, 2008
Often used to describe a homosexual. More specifically an Evans is attracted to younger children around the age of eleven (Hence the E in evans) of the same sex. This word can also be spelled as Gevans- for a Gangster Evan.
Did you know that "Garret" is an Evans? No Way!!!!
"That dude is an evans."
"Yo! that gang on 54th street is nothin but some Gevans".
by Thomas J S January 22, 2008
To complusivly lie about something unnecessary.
"did you hear that?"
yeah, such an evan
by yeah yeah yeah 3597832495 February 16, 2009
An ancient,Chinese descendent meaning bastard.
"Hey Evan,how are you today?"asked Do.
by Evannescent January 24, 2008
1. A retard adolescent male who boasted the Lions would win the SuperBowl in 2009 when they went 0-16
"Hey Evan! You see that Lions game last night?"

"No! I was too busy crying into my pillow
by p99jamesbond007 March 05, 2009
one who sucks at life. a sorry excuse of a man.
Stay away from him. He is such an evan.
by dfjhgoerhgf August 16, 2009

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