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to lie about something ridiculous.
person: im not evan-ing, im being totally serious right now.
by ballin72 March 22, 2008
A Raging Stump
Man did you see him with those guys, what an Evan.
by thecooler July 23, 2008
a person who performs homosexual acts in exchange for narcotics
evan deep throat = E pill
evan dick docking = 8 ball
evan prison blow job = key bump
evan brown bomber = special k
by some guy from connecticut April 13, 2008
Slang term for a closeted homosexual. Usually a very musical person. Has reddish brown wavy hair. Usually from a European background. Excels in foreign language and math. Siblings frown upon them.

"Hey. Do you know that guy Derek? I think he's an evan."

"Hey, Vanessa, I think your boyfriend is an evan."

"You guys know that dude with the Gibson SG? He's such an evan. He even has the hair."
by Lashizzle Washington December 29, 2007