The maker of the Highest Quality drumheads available.
Person: My crap drusm ring out WAY too much!

Person 2: Throw some Evans Onyx skins on there!
by v ReacTiioN July 05, 2009
Evan is the cutest boy alive. He is adorable and a total hottie. Being with Evan is the best thing ever. His kisses and hugs are to die for and he loves to cuddle. He's the perfect lover. Too bad he already has a girlfriend. No kisses for you biatch.
Girl number 1: Damnnnn! Check out that guy, he's so fine.
Girl number 2: I know girl, his name is Evan. He's such a sexbomb. Apparently he's dating that girl, Alex.
Girl number 1: What a bitch, I'm sooo jealous.

Friend: So how is it going with Evan?
Alex: It's perfect, everything is great. I am madly in love with him, he is so cute.
Friend: Aww that's nice, hopefully you guys stay together forever cause you two look adorable together.
by BebeBambi December 21, 2009
The most amazing boy you will ever meet. Someone who spoils you and loves you no matter what. He is a boy that anyone could fall in love with. He's someone with a sense of humor and definitely romantic. He has a wonderful smile beautiful eyes. This boy is so handsome beyond belief and someone I love.
I love you Evan. <3
by bub ;) July 05, 2010
Man, Evan is such a sexy beast.
by Sammie M September 15, 2010
One that is pro or professional. Sometimes someone that is "gudo" and many noobs look up to him
He is Evans
by eggpoi May 22, 2011
Persuading people to do something they don't want to do, then when they finally get into it, fuck off and leave them to do it by themselves.
"Dude, you hear about Alex last night? He told his friends he wanted to go out, got them drunk and then went to bed"
"Yeah, he totally pulled an Evans".
by bakedbeansandbeef October 03, 2011
a pretty lady with a boy's name
evan is also a girl's name
by Fnine January 27, 2011
Saying she is the most beautiful girl in the world is an understatement. She is a girl with a great personality, she may be a popular girl, but is truely shy until you bring her out of her shell. She is the one that you want your family to meet. She is the one that makes you melt everytime she makes eye contact with you.
Evan is the girls of my dream. She's the one that makes me be me. She is the one with the intentions to get the best out of you, when you don't even believe in yourself.
by Lovetospoon November 10, 2010

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