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Short for Etobicoke, the western part of Toronto, Canada.
Etobs has many varied neighbourhoods, from poorer immigrant areas in the north ie Rexdale, to million dollar ravine homes in central Etobicoke ie, Thorncrest, the Kingsway, Edenbridge, Humber Valley , to historical areas along the lake ie, Mimico, Long Branch .
I have to get on the subway now, its a long way to etobs.
by Rro July 14, 2006
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Estimated Time Of Blackout, a guess of what time of the night you will be "blacked out" due to the consumption of alcohol.
"After those 4 tequila shots, my E.T.O.B. is about 20 minutes from now"
by Kegstand Cooney October 10, 2007
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