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Etmo goes well with a light balsamic dressing.
by spek June 09, 2003
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a nub who thinks he hacks
etmo is a fgt who cant hax hi hi hi
by ET-HOMO August 21, 2003
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aka et (e.t.) or extra testicle.
OMFG ET <------------------ <-o_O~>
by ET@!#@! August 17, 2003
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the guy who makes aol kiddies jealous of his skills. (as you can see from the previous definition) ;)
aolkiddie: i hate et. he knows so much more than me :/ all i know how to do is crack sn's with l33t a1m pr0gg13s m4n :/ i got these turtle shell books but i don't understand anything :/
by eLegal September 08, 2003
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