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3 definitions by spek

da biggest graffiti pimp in da world wit his carnal da great spek, dey shall go allcity n' bomb the ba-jeebus outta dallas...boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, wut wut, dont be a butt pirate n' dont join butt rodeo's....972/214/956 D-TOWN TEXAS, HHE, EMC2, TGS
DA CEMONE n' SPEK jus fucked some fine rucas, n' jus went allcity in dat dallas texas nigga, damn dere so cool i wish i was one of em....*sigh*
by spek December 02, 2004
something that goes well on a salad.
Etmo goes well with a light balsamic dressing.
by spek June 09, 2003
one who is higher den a cock soulja, dat which is a cock, a tru dick, one who can control a person to randomly cream dere pants...a tru cum commander...
hot damn...da SPEK n' CEMONE are two really krunk munsta cum commanders...wow i wish i wuz dat cool..skippy no0dle mayn...one day...now tho...im happy wit bein a cock soulja
by spek December 12, 2004