Extra Sloppy Poop. Pretty much speaks for itself. But for those needing a little more clarity, it's when you waste matter is not solid. Brown clumpy water. Stomach issues that results in a real messy toilet bowl.
I was at this party and I went into the bathroom and the guy before me must oh had ESP. Man, the toilet was a big brown mess from his extra sloppy poop.
by Rim Licker April 02, 2009
Extra Sexual Perseption. Started by the Axe bodywash commercial for its new scent Boost. When one can sense sexual intentions. It is similar to Spiderman's Spidey sense.
Person A:Did you h...
Person B:Whats the matter with you?
Person A:My ESP...I gotta go.
Person B:Man I wish I had ESP.
by Ryder77 April 15, 2007
1. extrasensory perception.
2. extra soft pussy.
3. extra short peter.
1. I got esp I can read your mind.
2. Kathy's got esp.
3. John's got esp.
by Deep blue 2012 August 27, 2009
the biggest gang in PARAMOUNT it stands for EAST SIDE PARAMOUNT 13 the kliks in it are pbz "party boyz" dks "dukes" tls "tiny lokos" chs "chikos, chikas"
did you here that guy from ESP 13 say fuk bn, cvs, cvtf, dp, cf, dv, lil twatts, kleenex, norwak, faggot ass bitches, tuna fish, and niggers
by 3S3 JOKER April 04, 2007
An acronym standing for the Enthusiastic Saxaphone Player. An extremely avid band geek who lives and loves to conduct and play the saxaphone.
"Yo did you see the ESP conducting today?"
"Yea man, I had to stop playing because I was laughing so hard!"
by Jetpackegg1005 March 25, 2006
Extremely stinky puss
Man, they say that girl has ESP.

Oh really, she can see the future?
No dumbass, she has an Extremely Stinky Puss!
by 4th-axis June 25, 2009
the gang from Paramount, California is stands for East Side Paramount.
Damn dog! you saw that drive by?!?!
It was ESp and the Bloods!
by Samus October 28, 2004

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