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1.)East. Side. Pride. 2.)Something attained by living on the east side and being proud of it.
K-10 and Wal-T Marie will be reppin that ESP even after they move out of the state.
by Kiercon9000 April 12, 2011
8 12
Extra Smelly Pussy
used in the context of a lady is a bitch
That girl's an ESP man !
by Bran' Noo May 06, 2003
8 15
Eletric Shock Protection. This is found is walkmans and other protable cd players. It keeps the cd from skipping
My Walkman dosent have ESP. Every time I fucking move it the cd skips.
by Ryan March 11, 2005
30 39
Extra Sloppy Poop. Pretty much speaks for itself. But for those needing a little more clarity, it's when you waste matter is not solid. Brown clumpy water. Stomach issues that results in a real messy toilet bowl.
I was at this party and I went into the bathroom and the guy before me must oh had ESP. Man, the toilet was a big brown mess from his extra sloppy poop.
by Rim Licker April 02, 2009
4 14
The ESP(Earwig Secret Police) is an organization of people you are devoted to saving the human race from the common threat of the earwig. This group consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, a Driver, and Dan the Cameraman. The arch nemesis of the ESP is the AESP(Anti Earwig Secret Police). If you try to screw with the ESP don't forget that they do what they want.
Charlie: Hey have you heard about them ESP
Brandon: Hur hur hur yeah I heard they do
what they want.
Charlie: I wish I could do what I wanted.
(sad face)
by Jack Dicks October 29, 2008
7 17
Extra Sexual Perseption. Started by the Axe bodywash commercial for its new scent Boost. When one can sense sexual intentions. It is similar to Spiderman's Spidey sense.
Person A:Did you h...
Person B:Whats the matter with you?
Person A:My ESP...I gotta go.
Person B:Man I wish I had ESP.
by Ryder77 April 15, 2007
25 36
Person 1:Hey don't mess with him he is an ESP.
Person 2:Really? He does seem like it.
by Ryder77 April 07, 2007
9 20