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The act of driving by a person or persons and yelling out "Chode!".
Driver:See that guy lets chode-by him...hurry roll the window down.
Random guy:**** You!!
by Ryder77 March 28, 2007
Person 1:Hey don't mess with him he is an ESP.
Person 2:Really? He does seem like it.
by Ryder77 April 07, 2007
Horrible rapper who is in no possible way a "G". A real gangsta would not start up a childish group called "G-Unot".
He deserves to get shot in the face and then pissed on. He thinks he can rap but he can't you want to hear good music then listen to Tupac he was a real artist and a real gangsta.
Person A:Hey you hear The Game's new CD?
Person B:Nah he sucks ass. You want to hear real music listen to Tupac.
Person A:Very true.
by Ryder77 January 28, 2007
Extra Sexual Perseption. Started by the Axe bodywash commercial for its new scent Boost. When one can sense sexual intentions. It is similar to Spiderman's Spidey sense.
Person A:Did you h...
Person B:Whats the matter with you?
Person A:My ESP...I gotta go.
Person B:Man I wish I had ESP.
by Ryder77 April 15, 2007
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