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An eshmeh is a really dopey person who cannot do anything right.They are often fat and retarded.
It first originated from a boy who lives in the town of Great Grimsby. He was fat and retarded and his name was Eshmeh.

Eshmeh can also be used to say you've lost something, or someone has stolen something off you, and you say the word ESHMEH instead of the word.

You can also say Esh Piece
Haha, did you see eshmeh? What a fat scutter!,

For god sake eshmeh! Can't you do ANYTHING right!!,

Miss! He has stolen my ESHMEH!! ,

Oi! Give me my Eshmeh Back!,

Can I have my ESH Piece back?,

Shutup you piece of ESH!,
by Michael Brewer November 18, 2007
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Used in grimsby among some youths... it means that a paticular person it as dopy as fuck and sometimes fat.
shut up steven you fuckin eshmeh..... comes from steven ashton...... of grimsby
by brandon phillips November 18, 2007

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