v = to make a mistake
Dude i erred hard today.
by Josh_Tito March 23, 2006
Often used as a linguistic device to make writing appear more formal.
ManUtd4Life is just knows...er...nowt! Heheheh....
A man who engages in sexual actions with young siblings.
The young girl was attacked by a err.
by Daishi March 12, 2003

I learned this today. My friends told me about it. I assume they made it up. Its just a nice, discrete way of talking about porn. We had a conversation about Limewire and porno right in front of a teacher and she was oblivious. "Porno" has a way of attracting attention, but a nice soft "err" avoids that unwanted attention.
I use limewire for mp3s, music videos, and err.
by K-Hag September 03, 2005

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