The response to any assanine comment or action. It can be used in a repetetive context as well: err, insert name, err.
"Yea so Halford and I went boating, it was lovely."

"err" or " err, halford, err...
by PN- George Bush rules June 06, 2005
computer launguage for uhhhh.
computer: ERR: Can You Fly??
Seki-timewalker:dammit...yes! for the last time YES!!!
by topamonster May 09, 2005
A popular slang term coined by rappers, this term can either be a mispronounced version of "air" or "every". See also urr, herr, and therr
Throw your hands in the err!
Errbody in the club getting tips!
by Anaksunaman June 19, 2004
natives tend to say it alot
errrrr buddy ever raunchy
by Jennifer May 15, 2004
Short for "Every", usually followed by the word "body" to form "Errbody" ("Everybody").
Errbody in the club getting tipsy
by anonymous May 09, 2004
using it after u say a statement or fact, it
proves the person has nothing valid or important or worthy to say
oh yeh so he rang me yesterday
by Angie G April 29, 2002
a fat person. can be used as a noun or an adjective. pronounced urrrrr
a word commonly used in stourbridge, west midlands, is good for calling people fat without them realising it (if they dont no what err means)
1. errrrr (to a person)
2. omg he is such an err (adjective form)
3. oi err! (noun form)
4. Joel is such an err (possibly most used phrase)
by Rob-United January 07, 2007
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