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Clothing company based in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

"ergophobia" erg•o•pho•bi•a (hm-fb-)noun. An intense and persistant fear of work. Fear of rapid change, fear of misinformation, of being passed over in promotional hierarchies, of backstabbing, of being fired, of interpersonal conflict, of sexual harassment, of failing in one's own or other's expectations, and in general, all the performance anxieties that go along with a job.
Ergophobia is amazing!
#ergophobia #ergo #phobia #clothing #surf #skate #jersey
by AndrewNJ May 14, 2007
The phobia of the torture device that is used in training for the sport of "rowing" called the ergometer. In reality, ergometers are used to kill off the weak by genocide war lords.
Coach: Everybody set up your ergs for a 2k.
Rower: Sorry coach, I have a horrible case of ergophobia.
#erg #rowing #ergometer #crew #pain
by bigbootyblackgirl May 31, 2010
In what is probably one of the most convenient phobias on this list ergophobia is the fear of work or the workplace environment. On a serious note however, psychologists believe it is a combination of various fears such as failing at assigned tasks, social anxiety, and public speaking.
-"um boss i have Ergophobia so i cant work here sorry!"
#fear #work #workplace #working #boss
by LightningThunda November 03, 2014
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