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a fat fuck of a douchbag ass monkey who loves himself and his stats more than anything in this world because he is a terrible yet successful coach on the division III level

2nd meaning: a fat coach with a small penis, wing T guru
you fucking erd

allergic to bees, looks like a dancing retard when trying to avoid one
by fuckinrightdoggy November 10, 2004
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(ûrd) - VERB PHRASE (to erd out)

To throw a tantrum worthy of a 2-year old over something which is either untrue or moot.
"What's wrong with him?"

"Oh he's just erding out over supposedly being on spot call!"
by Crowdsurfer February 07, 2010
Stands for Emotional Retarded Dude, in other words EMO.
Can be used when people act EMO, then you'll see people saying like 'YOU FUCKING ERD'

If you don't want to be called an ERD then don't act EMO on the net. We don't want to hear your EMO Lifestory while we play WoW or CS, we are here to chill out and play a game.
by NeverB July 13, 2008
To do well at something while putting in the minimum effort - despite copious use of illicit substances - due to a superior intellect.
1) Jamaal erded that exam despite spending half the year becoming better acquainted with the Weather Man.
2) Rakim erded his way to that promotion - Management is so retarded.
by RIP Ungar November 24, 2006
macaroni and cheese with tomato soup drizzled on top!
I want erds for brunch!
by awesome fodds June 30, 2009
an term used for someone that is half nerd. they are know for half a nerd if they are not smart but they love scifi like star trek or star wars
John: man, ever since Jim got into star trek he became a nerd.
Kyle: Jims bot a nerd because he fails all of his classes.
John: so he is a erd then
by weirdkevin August 13, 2008
To Erd; noun; to pull an Erd is to say something extremely stupid yet clever and isightful whilst leaving the world of idiots behind and having them basque in glory. Example...
"I remember when I in year 7 and was young, free & black" - Erd, in Year 11...
by Dave January 11, 2005

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