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on the verge of getting drunk
Guy #1: yo you wanna drink.

GUY #2: No thanks I don't want to get epsy.
by T.I.T.O May 15, 2009
Adjective; boring or long
That girls epsy
That girls being epsy
by ferizbo October 11, 2006
Adjective. Describes someone who wears traditional clothing from another ethnicity in a way which isn't quite offensive.
"She's being a bit epsy."
An Anglo-Saxon woman wearing a sari.
A Spanish man wearing a kilt.
by quite a long name April 08, 2012
1.a filipino slang which means epal or someone who likes to butt in.
2. it also means flat chested whish means the person has small boobs.
1.Lagi syang nakikisali, ang epsy nya!
He always butts in, he is so epsy!
2.Ang liit ng dibdib mo, and epsy mo!
Your chest is so small,your so epsy!
by libogz__69 October 14, 2008

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