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Lagi is the very epitome of gullible and blonde. A pretty girl with a derpy sense of humor. Lagi's are compatible with Park Chanyeol's, therefore they are destined to marry and have babies . Lagi's natural enemy is the Albert (aka Alby the Racist Dragon) and the ocean which separates her from Park Chanyeol, and her best friend the Diana. The Lagi is a natural body roller, and thus she will tend to do sexy waves on pieces of furniture such as door knobs and sometimes trees. This is the only dance she is capable of doing. A Lagi commonly has a creepy laugh and an adorable sneeze. She is usually afraid of the dark and Slenderman. They have unhealthy diets which consists of bags of lollies and bottles of soda a day. A Lagi is usually found in Australia.
Lagi: /body rolls on the door knob/
Person 1: That must be a Lagi.
Person 2: For real, tho.
Park Chanyeol: That Lagi sure is attractive.
Albert: What a retard, damn Lagi.
Diana: /body rolls on a tree/
by jongin-me January 10, 2014
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