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an eppo is someone who is really, REALLY dumb and stupid as hell. Not someone that has just a few dumb sayings, but someone of which you think: 'how can you be só dumb. This isn't possible. Supernatural maybe?'
Ben: Look! that's the big ben!
Ed: It's the Statue of Liberty, you eppo.
by eppo1 July 14, 2008
13 10
Kawaii, simple, short, cute, sweet, sugar, a bit funny, innocent, naive

Also, clumsy, quiet, small, a bit dumb and oblivious, innocent, naive.
1. That's one eppo bunny!

2. what an eppo poem!

3. My little sister is eppo
by luckycharmy December 25, 2010
2 1

Slang term used in the Western suburbs of Sydney in the early 90s meaning to have an episode or to chuck a fit (i.e. epileptic). Unfortunately fallen into disuse.
If that fuckwit cuts me off again, I swear I'll have an eppo
by Fairfo January 11, 2011
2 3
A slang word from Dublin technically meaning to an epileptic fit. Its more likely to mean you over-reacted to something. You can have or throw an eppo. It was very popular around the time of the movie My Left Foot.
"Jacinta had an absolute eppo when she heard that Saoirse was texting yer wan"
by Caomhín May 18, 2007
5 11