an amazing, heroic, majestic, or impressivley great action.
wow!! did you just see Tagz with that breakaway save?! She stopped her stone cold, that was so epic!!
by Stormy35 April 30, 2011
something so amazing that it cannot simply be referred to as good or great, it must be referred to as "epic"
A past English teacher of mine resembles Santa to a great extent. A friend of mine had a dream of him wearing a cape and walking though the high school hallways and then suddenly running up to my Spanish teachers door and slamming into it and just pressing his face to the window. This image is beyond great, it is EPIC. Since you probably have not seen my teacher, just imagine Santa doing all of that.
by EpicDream January 05, 2011
epic eh-pik

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

To do the impossible and break the unbreakable. To fight what defines logic and win.
The most badass anime ever made. It truly defines what it means to be Epic. Amazing story, Amazing Battles, Amazing Music, and pure awesomeness.

youtube "Gurren Lagann"
by Tc2r July 05, 2009
when the ! is put down it means to be great on a large scale of people. You often call people epic when they mean a lot to you
Sam Gordon is the most epic! person i know.
by UrW3lc0m3 April 19, 2009
The name for the epic clique...

See: Epicity
Epics, short for the Epicity clique
by Be Epicity July 22, 2008
EPIC: a word used to describe something that is great
"shad, gave me epic head last night!"
"Wow that movie was epic!"
by jimbeh February 07, 2008
a state of being that may be applied as an adjective to various things which have attained a level just below legen, (wait for it) dary
LVR - "As an LL artisan, I can only claim to be epic. The MLVR is yet a master and therefore legen (wait for it) dary!"
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
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