Adjective used liberally by egomaniacal douchebaggy, wannabe runners, cyclists and triathletes to describe their athletic performances as tremendous feats of will and strength beyond that of mere mortals.
Wow, those were epic 3.1 miles!
by Crunner May 24, 2011
1) A word once used described by Vikings going into battle

2) Now an overused and annoying word used to spice up 13-30 year olds vocab.

3)Also used to descride a youtube video, refer to epic fail.
1) "We are here to fight against this dragon in an EPIC journey!!"

2) "Dude.. see Avaitar the special effects are EPICCCC"

3) He fell off his skateboard and hit his nuts... EPIC FAIL
by Owleyed February 04, 2011
1.A term for one who achieves great feats and/or is amazing in general

2.Something incredibly amazing.
Did you see That guy do that backflip 4 feet in the air? That was SO epic
by TheBoomer October 25, 2013
extraordinary, momentous (this word has come to be viewed as worn out by some)
The road trip last week was epic.
by The Return of Light Joker November 09, 2011
Shadow of the Colossus
'Oh my God this game is epic!'
by mbagely1 October 24, 2011
an amazing, heroic, majestic, or impressivley great action.
wow!! did you just see Tagz with that breakaway save?! She stopped her stone cold, that was so epic!!
by Stormy35 April 30, 2011
Incredibly brilliant in some way or another
Maizey's rainbow hair is epic!
by Vyccy April 28, 2011

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