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2 definitions by aznk1d2

The loodle is a musical instrument, also called the doodle. It originated in souther Pennsylvania when a youngster tried to recreate one of his favorite songs.
Ian: "Loodle boodle loodely boodley loodleeeeeeeee boooo!!!"
Tony: "Is that your new loodle?"
Ian: "yeah i just got it today!!!"
Tony: "sounds out of tune"
Ian: "go loodle yourself"
Tony: "7"
by aznk1d2 February 26, 2008
Simply stated the word epic is traced back to the Paleoitic Era in which they used the number 7 as a replacement. so in turn epic is 7 and 7 is epic.

Ian: hey man i like your epic
Tony: Dont you mean my 7?!?!?!?!?
Ian: Yeah forgot about that lolz
by aznk1d2 February 26, 2008