dramatic, awesome.
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
its just like whoa!?!
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
its like slipknot all headbanging to a mint song in sync
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
lord of the rings return of the king
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
when they all ride down on there horses and own the orcs
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
then the mint music comes on
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
and the sun rises
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
thats coo
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
i mean
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
thats epic
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
Hollyyy, says:
i've never seen lord of the rings...
- AaronShaquilleCarlton says:
by hollitha_x August 22, 2008
Simply stated the word epic is traced back to the Paleoitic Era in which they used the number 7 as a replacement. so in turn epic is 7 and 7 is epic.

Ian: hey man i like your epic
Tony: Dont you mean my 7?!?!?!?!?
Ian: Yeah forgot about that lolz
by aznk1d2 February 26, 2008
World of Warcraft private servers are "EPIC"
by friskey4u January 10, 2009
Stands for Enjoying People in Community.
It is a coffeehouse in Rockford, MI. Many have found this to be the only place where they can be democrats, athiests, homosexual, etc. without being burned at the stake by the super-christians.
I'm so sick of persecution, let's go to EPIC.

EPIC makes the best mango smoothies.
by Caitlyn 49341 July 14, 2008
One of the Greatest Songs of the 90's performed by Faith No More, This Song Paved the Way for the Rap/Metal Genre.
Though Hippie activists bitched about the music Video for Epic which the fish appears to be dying, it was in fact slow motion footage.
by Dave T. September 16, 2006
An adjective used to describe an over-exaggerated object such as a new video game or movie. Something that pummels everything else in its category.
Call of Duty 4 is definitely an epic game.
by Gary Coleman IV June 17, 2008
very good condition in surfing.
how was it this morning?? brah, it was epic!!
by jakesteezy February 19, 2008

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