Characterized by either large orchestra or hard-core rhythms.
"Dude! That band was so awesome...did you hear how crazy it was?" "No man, that was epic!!!!"
#epic #magic #cool #loud #rediculous
by Tyler Bates October 01, 2006
Being unusually large, powerful or wonderful. On a grander scale than the modified word would otherwise imply.

Popular synonyms: Massive, Huge, Incredible, Awesome
"Sasha just gave me an epic blowjob"
#epic #massive #huge #incredible #awesome #epyc #epik
by Ookpik February 01, 2006
A person who is either on the border-line between chubby and fat, or someone who has crossed said line into fatness.
"Holy shit, that woman is EPIC"
#fat #tremendous #biblical #overweight #rotund
by Cornelius Maximus November 10, 2006
A word that was once good but was later changed and used by flamming homosexuals such as Zach Morris. Anyone who uses this word in a setence like "Dude, that was epic" is a stoner hippie piece of shit.
Guy 1 : "Dude, I went skiing this weekend and it was EPIC, man!!!"

Guy 2 : "Dude, did you just say epic?"

Guy 1 : "Yea, it was epic."

Guy 2 : "Dude, you're a flamming homosexual."
#d00dski #bra #rad #homie #d00d
Evolving Personalized Information Construct. A service offered by Googlezon Inc (the company formed between the merger of Google and Amazon in 2008), EPIC allows users to find the exact information that they want. Personalized newspapers, greetings, advertisements, and more are all possible thanks to EPIC. It replaces the printed media (A.K.A the Fourth Estate) nearly overnight. Originally designed in 2014 C.E to enrich mankind, EPIC is generally used by a majority of people for little more than trivial celebrity information.
EPIC was created to remove all restraints on thought. Sadly, by 2017, the Constructs original purpose was all but forgotten.
by Tzustrategy June 29, 2005
A person who is either on the border-line between chubby and fat, or someone who has crossed said line into fatness.

Holy shit, that woman is EPIC.
#fat #huge #tremendous #legendary #biblical #rotund #over-weight #obese #disgusting #x-box
by Cornelius Maximus November 11, 2006
A slang word for getting high off of Marijuana coined by two Washington High School students. Was thought up on account that getting high should only be resorted to on "epic" occasions. Things such as smoking cigars are for what is called "semi-epic" occasions.
"Hey Steve let's go get totally epic tonight"

"Hey I just invested ten dollars into epicness"

"WOOOAAHH dude I am soooo freaking epic right now bro!"
#epic #weed #high #marijuana #marihuana #bud #lit #light #cigar #steve jones #jason pierce
by Jason Pierce December 22, 2006
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