To fail epically; to fail completely and undeniably, often to the enjoyment of others.
Sarah got an F on the easiest quiz ever given, which was an epic fail.
by Francesca Gallagher October 11, 2008
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In the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Robert Greene missed the half-force game tying kick by Clint Dempsey. This is referred to as an EPIC FAIL.
Greene: No! I missed the ball! The game is tied!

by FIFA Fan June 21, 2010
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"Man, "Never Say Never" was such an Epic Fail".

1.1 out of 10 in the IMDB based on 10,102 votes (17/02/11).
by Seraphin February 17, 2011
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Spending hours on the Internet reading all the definitions of "Epic Fail" on The Urban Dictionary
You Sir, yes You, reading this sentence...still reading this sentence, You...is Epic Fail. But don't kill yourself over it. No seriously, die. EPIC FAAAAAAIL!
by KBX911 November 19, 2010
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1. The state of failure which surpasses all understood predisposition(s) of pity in other said parties which might witness the particular failure in question.

2. A current, customary form of expressing displeasure to the shortcomings or maladroitly behavior of another - especially behavior seen as excessively thoughtless, prone to failure, foolish.

3. When the external efforts intended for good by a group or individual become undeniably and universally accepted as worthy of ridicule, yet at a much broader scale, "epic fail", a failure which surpasses reason or explanation, laughter is stifled and time stops for a short period of time to mourn the presence of the said failure in question

4. (Religious) When Satan and/or Lucifer(as depicted in scripture) looks upon the failure of a said party and either feels jealousy toward the chaos they have caused or contrary to his mythical nature begins to actually pity those who are instigators of an "epic fail."

5. The United States Government(past, present or future tenses aside, as well as any party, idealism or administration).
The increasingly held view that The United States Government has, for some time, even to the most current administration, despite all arguments of one party or the other, has failed and is doomed to always fail beyond redemption or hope.

6. Senator Howard Dean.

7. John Edwards' Haircut.

8. Dan Rather.

"Johnny tried to asking out the girl of his dreams and farted because he got nervous - Epic Fail."

"Josh tried to capture the rare White Siberian Tiger on photo as he became one the luckiest men alive in witnessing the existence of such a rare animal. As he tapped his camera for an exposure, he realized that he forgot 1) to empty his memory card to make room for the perfect shot and 2) Remove the lens cover. Epic Fail!"

"He tried to show of his 'fly ride,' yet as he tried to 'peel out' he accidentally shifted his vehicle into 'neutral' instead of 'drive', causing his engine to race very high and eventually backfire. Epic Fail. Oh yeah...and his ride was an Oldsmobile. Epic Fail #2."

by airforcejim1 April 16, 2009
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when steven gets owned by playing too much ms
wow gg steven u epic fail!
by jupha November 01, 2007
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The words are self-explanatory; inspired from games like Guitar Hero, the words are used when someone fails to complete something, or made fun of him/herself while doing so.
Speaker 1: Dude, im so gonna make this basket!
*he misses
Speaker 2: Haha, epic fail man.
by CutthroatCasey January 16, 2009
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